About Dr. Alex

In the tapestry of orthopedic care, Dr. Stephen Alex is a master weaver of healing. His narrative began at the University of Rochester, woven intricately through the corridors of the University of California, San Francisco. Further embellished with Orthopedic Training and Hand Fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh, his expertise stands tall.

A Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon with Added Qualifications in Surgery of the Hand, Dr. Alex’s hands are the conduit of restoration. His journey carved across the nation, where he imbibed wisdom from revered hand, wrist, and forearm practitioners.

For three decades, his hands have painted healing strokes in Miami and Hawaii, mastering peripheral nerve challenges, hand and wrist traumas, and complex hand reconstructions.

Affiliations with the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery and the American Society for Surgery of the Hand form a tapestry of excellence. His unique membership in the New Millennium Hand Club further weaves his commitment to progress.

Since 2005, the Miami Hand Center has flourished under his stewardship, specializing in severe hand and wrist trauma. Perched above Whole Foods in Coral Gables, his independent realm echoes his devotion. Tied with the esteemed Baptist Hospital system, his legacy graces the region.

Beyond medicine, Dr. Alex’s heart beats for family, languages, and furry friends. Welcome to a realm where orthopedic mastery converges with compassion.

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