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Dr. Alex is one of Miami’s top orthopaedic, hand and microvascular surgeons and world renowned for his contributions to the advancement of surgical techniques and practices. His independent office is located at Doctors Hospital in beautiful and central Coral Gables, Florida.

If you are experiencing pain in your hands, wrists or forearms, have a look at our Hand Conditions section to learn a bit more about just some of the conditions Dr Alex’s treats. Dr. Alex has diverse international medical experience and specializes in severe hand and wrist trauma as well as workers’ comp related injuries in Miami.  He is entrusted by a multitude of employers with the medical care of their injured employees.

Dr. Alex takes pride in his prompt evaluation and management of workers’ comp cases in Miami to ensure that an injured individual is treated both effectively and efficiently to help them return back to the work place as soon as possible.

Good hand and wrist health is paramount to living an independent and comfortable life and Dr. Alex and Miami are your best option for top-notch medical care.

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